Jenna at Seaside Postpartum

Hi everyone! I’m Jenna — Proud owner of Seaside Postpartum

I’m a San Diego native that recently moved to Northwest FL. My husband’s naval career brought us to the stunning Emerald Coast in February 2017, where he is an instructor at NAVSCOLEOD on Eglin Air Force Base. I’m the homeschooling mom to two beautiful little girls, both of which have special needs and severe food allergies. In my pre-children life, I was a certified medical assistant at Kaiser Permanente and an in-home respite provider with NACCRRA.

My passion and advocacy work in the birth community began in 2012. In nursing school, days after my husband left on his first deployment, I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter. Upon leaving nursing school and finding the midwifery model of care, I found some incredible midwives (how I adore you, Ashley Guntkowski, CNM!) who referred me to the Birth Education Center of San Diego (BEC) for natural childbirth classes. I went to the HypnoBirthing Info Night after working a full 12-hour day providing respite care to military families who have children with disabilities. That was the night that changed it all and I’ve been hooked on the love drug ever since!

I became a fly on the wall for every class, workshop, meet and greet and doula circle possible at the BEC, absorbing as much oxytocin as possible. I started working on staff there as the Marketing Director and had the opportunity to gain some of the best knowledge and teaching for doulas and birth professionals in Southern California. After having my second daughter, I moved on from the BEC (much gratitude and love to you, Care Messer!) and started working at the San Diego Breastfeeding Center as the manager of the San Diego Nursing in Public Task Force. While there, Robin Kaplan, IBCLC, taught me how to navigate sticky situations with tact and empathy as I advocated for mothers who were wrongly discriminated against for nursing in public.

Advocating for and empowering mothers has been something that I’ve found deep purpose in over the last 5 years. With my husband’s job, I have often been left alone to raise our two daughters and I relied heavily on my tribe of mamas to come to our rescue. When we moved here, I knew my purpose was to give back what I’d been gifted in San Diego. Now, I have the opportunity to support other mothers in finding their tribe, empower them through their postpartum transition, and provide them with one of the best tools for optimal postpartum health, as I was so well prepared for back in San Diego. I can’t wait to serve you and your growing family in one of life’s greatest blessings!